Trump pretends not to know English to avoid talking to son
Taking a lesson from Japanese First Lady Akie Abe, Trump told Don Jr "Pardonei, no hablo Engish"
OPINION: When will we finally see a male cast as Emma Watson?
Is that so much to ask
Trump Jr tweets out pictures of him murdering Tupac, bringing down MH17
"I just wanted to be transparent."
Trump imitates Turnbull in return by ripping out his own spine, backflipping across the room
In a series of tweets this morning, Trump posted photos and video of the imitation, in which he appears to be nothing more than a spineless pile of flesh draped in an Armani suit
Sorting Hat speaks: ‘Piers Morgan is a Slytherin and an asshole’
J K Rowling, the creator of The Sorting Hat and a recent enemy of Piers Morgan, says she was surprised at the Hat’s decision to ‘go rogue’
This one chart explains how the entire US legal system works
With Donald Trump’s new administration making waves, and testing the boundaries of what and what isn’t constitutional, it’s important to
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