Fashion: 6 Hats You Need This Season to Honour Fidel Castro

If you’re like me, you know that Fidel Castro actually had some great ideas and was mostly misunderstood. He also changed the world with his bold statements in such a wide range of fabulous headwear. When you are talking to strangers in cafes about how the reports of human rights abuse in Cuba are exaggerated and actually how good their public health system is, you need a way to catch their attention subtly and stylishly.

So, in honour of the great man’s legacy, here are 6 fantastic hats you must wear this summer to show your support for our fallen comrade and make sure everybody knows that you are still nobly fighting for the revolutionary dream!

The Classic


This one is irreplaceable and instantly recognisable. You probably already own it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t mix it up a bit. Most will stick with the traditional military colour but why not alternate with a classic black? The best part about the classic Castro is its versatility; you can wear it with a whole bunch of outfits, from khakis to a hemp tshirt to a trenchcoat.

The Formal


When you need to be in the public eye it helps to dress it up a bit. The simple addition of the five pointed star is a subtle touch that will make it clear you stand with the proletariat. When you are performing your slam poem next month the audience is guaranteed to murmur in solidarity, even if you go over time again.

The Guevara


Sometimes you don’t want practicality. The Guevara is definitely more of a statement piece as it serves no practical purpose, neither keeping your head warm nor providing any kind of weather protection. But this look is sure to get people to notice. And who cares if they avoid you at that music festival? You can always find somebody at the bar to share your thoughts about the problematic nature of Slavoj Zizek’s work with.

The Softie


Here is a look that is both welcoming and warm. Perfect for a first date or a casual Sunday with your housemates. This is also probably the most appropriate one to wear when you go home for Christmas and you don’t want to scare your bourgeois parents too much. In their eyes it could almost be a baseball cap. It’s not perfect, but definitely gentle and easier to explain away when your grandma asks what you’ve been up to this year.

The Casual


This is the crushable and comfortable everyday Castro Casual. This is the ideal hat to wear with your friends while discussing the possible avenues of a 21st century socialist awakening over chai. And here’s a protip for the Casual wearer: wash your hat regularly as it collects the smell of weed fairly quickly.

The Slouch


Unfortunately not all of us are in the position of luxury to get a full head of dreads. Many of us still have to operate in the corporate fascist system and so don’t get that freedom. But that’s okay! The Slouch is comfortable and when combined with a weekend of unshaven stubble, you’ll fit right in at your band’s rehearsal.

Got any of your own headwear suggestions? Let us know in the comments. Now get out there and walk the streets with confidence.