Putin says this Friday’s poker night with Trump and the guys totally off the table

Responding to tough new US sanctions, Russian president Vladimir Putin has backed out of this Friday’s scheduled poker night with Trump and the other guys.

Vladimir used the group Whatsapp chat to let the others know he wasn’t feeling up to it this week, although he offered little other detail.

He wrote: “Hi all, killer weekend lads. Gonna need to smokebomb from Fri sorry guys. Got so much shit going on with a bunch of (expletive) at work atm.”

This passive aggressive message is after today’s news that Putin would be deporting 700 US diplomats from the country, a decision which many have interpreted as an attempt to destabilise the #squadgoals of the closeknit group.

The regular Friday beer and poker meetup at Mar a Lago is usually attended by an assortment of world leaders including Turkey’s Erdogan and the evil side of Elon Musk that only appears at night.

“It’s a great opportunity to unwind after a working week,” President Duterte has said of the Friday night gathering. “It’s a a shame that Don and Vlad can’t put all the political stuff aside and just have a laugh with the rest of the gang.”

The news certainly seemed to surprise the US President himself, who in classic style took to Twitter shortly after the message, simply writing: “You find out who your real friends are when the chips are down. Heartbreak emoji.”

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