Trump Jr tweets out pictures of him murdering Tupac, bringing down MH17

In a series of tweets last night Donald Trump Jr has made further shocking statements, apparently releasing images of him murdering Tupac Shakur and shooting down flight MH17.

One photo seems to show a scanned photograph of a black SUV stopped at a red light, taken from the passenger seat of a car next to it. More damningly, Trump Jr later tweeted out a yet unseen selfie of himself hiking the Ukrainian alps with an antiaircraft gun across his back.

“I was going to snapchat it at the time but there isn’t good reception in Ukraine,” he said. “Another reason why that conflict wasn’t good for anyone.”

In an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox this morning he dismissed what he calls the “overreaction” to his admissions while he got a back massage from the Fox News host.

“I know, hun.” Hannity replied.

“It’s like not a big deal,” Trump Jr went on. “Tupac has been gone for years, nobody is talking about this any more. But of course as usual the liberal media will turn a molehill of actions into a mountain of crimes.”

After the media’s initial reaction to the news, he took to Twitter again: “If you read about me committing “murder” or “treason” it’s more fake news. I only ever killed one guy and shot down a plane. Hardly noteworthy.”

Trump Jr also hinted at telling the world the real meaning of “covfefe” but soon after was scheduled for an emergency meeting with the President in the White House and hasn’t been heard from since.

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