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Trump: “I consulted world leaders on Iran, but Rick from Texas had a point”
"He may not have been able to point to Iran on a map, but the man sure knew how to point to his heart. Well, the general area."
Libs roll out the ol’ minority dartboard to decide who’s getting shafted in 2018 budget
"Hahaha just kidding - it's all of them," said Morrison
Australia believes it could survive with Michaelia Cash being unemployed
"She's already living on government handouts, so she's basically there already."
Swinging on chairs leading cause of death, report nation’s teachers
"Death rates exceed even those of sniffing clag"
Uber Eats ordered to deliver fairer contracts, sweet and sour pork by ACCC
Investigators are still deciding on whether to add dumplings or not
Morrison denies opposing banking royal commission, “I had my fingers crossed”
"When I said it was a waste of time, I meant it was a waste of time not to do it!"
Anger over “fee for no service” confuses politicians – “That’s what we do everyday?”
"Wait, they expect us to do things in return for being paid half a million dollars a year?"
“Fraudulent bankers should be jailed, or made leader of Liberal party” says Morrison
"I don't know which one is worse."
Landlord hopes young tenants won’t decrease value of massively overinflated shitbox
"If the value drops below 10x inflation, I'm gonna be royally pissed."
Local Idiot Puts Phone and Wallet in Same Pocket
"It's okay, I didn't need to sit down today anyway."
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