Asha Leu's Posts

Nation’s broadsheets announce new retail price of $50.99
"Problem solved"
Local man really not looking forward to seeing Bernie-supporting coworker tomorrow
"He's gonna be so smug"
Corrupt AusPost CEO to be punished with Liberal preselection
"She was clearly qualified for the role"
US starting to worry man who once suggested injecting bleach might be losing his judgement
Washington insiders are beginning to question the judgement of President Donald Trump, following several days of erratic behaviour that stands
America loses debate
The United States of America has exhaled a deep and concerned sigh today, after realising what they just saw on
Top Republicans deeply concerned Trump couldn’t avoid paying $750 in tax
"He has to go"
Covid Safe App with loot box
Government back in surplus after CovidSafe introduces loot boxes
"It worked for EA"
John Howard releases glowing character reference for Ghislaine Maxwell
"She's a lively conversationalist"
UN condemns Australia for subjecting Pacific Islands to Home and Away
"That is technically torture"
PM appoints Australian cricket team to lead Coronavirus response
"Good luck boys"
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