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Country that went from almost no tornados to weekly tornados reckons we don’t need Net Zero by 2030
How great are twisters
Freedom of speech warrior George Christensen wants speech supressed regarding his Philippines trips for some reason
'The deep-state cover things up, please'
Report: Everyone on the Bachelorette wants to fuck Osher
'I have found the one'
‘Squid game will make my child violent’ complains parent who lets their child watch Squid Game
'What if it leads to him wanting to play with a poor kid?'
SHOCK: Woman with 10 years experience briefly earned more than rookie male colleague
What a hypocrite Lisa is!
As parliament cracks down on sexual harassment, Barnaby resorts to fucking the planet instead
Is it getting hot in here or is it just Barnaby
Scott Morrison announces Net Zero commitments to climate policy
"I forgot to ask Barnaby for permission to do my job"
Scott Morrison begins preparations to embarrass Australia in Glasgow
You can't just wing these sorts of things
Perrottet announces commitment to having the most diverse cabinet of rich straight white men possible
'We represent all Sydney residents besides most of you'
Inspired by Morrison, local worker announces plans to not show up to meetings from now on
Maybe Scotty has a point
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