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PM who can’t tell the difference between Taiwan and Hong Kong ready to take on China
It's about knowing your enemy
PM announces India ban exemption, ‘We must evacuate Adani executives’
Anything else would be cruel
Andrew Bolt clarifies “I meant Australia’s India ban is racist in a good way”
'I am sorry for any pain my words caused'
Government that says climate action is too expensive reckons we should start a war with China
What have we got to lose
Government launches investigation after Australian of the Year shows leadership and integrity uncharacteristic of Aussie leaders
Taking a stand based on moral beliefs? Disgraceful
Nation waiting nervously to see how PM will fuck up Higgins meeting
He didn't even take Jenny with him
God tells PM to ‘shut the fuck up and listen to Brittney Higgins’
'For heaven's sake, get thou shit together Morrison!' God commanded
Government unveil new consent video that just diagnoses sex offenders with ADHD
Did you take your anti-silly touching pill kids
Aussie media confused after seeing US journalists quit Newscorp over made up story
What is this ethics thing
Joe Rogan apologises for dangerous misinformation and reassures fans ‘it will happen again’
It's something I do at most 4-5 podcasts a month
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