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War Memorial annouces exhibit on the horrors of Channel 7’s SAS
"Our troops disgraced our country by committing acts of torture an entire country."
Minister for Women Tony Abbott spotted in Scotland giving free tampons to himself
"The idea is good but imagine how much better it would be if a man was in charge here."
Kerry Stokes offers to pay for new War Memorial exhibit celebrating war crimes
"As the chair of the board it is my duty to celebrate their great work!"
“Let young people buy houses with super, it’s not like they’ll get to retire anyway” says LNP
"It's simple, most of them are too young and poor to retire anyway."
Government attempts to boost Covid Safe usage by adding ‘stories’ feature
Also you can now upload pictures of your lunch
Pete Evans rumoured to appear on the next season of Masked Singer
Pauline Hanson was not available
Historians admit they missed ‘Harry Styles wears dress’ in the Communist Manifesto
"I don't how we missed it, the thing is only 40 pages"
Pete Evans unveils new cook book ‘Mein Kampfort food’
Review:'Mein Kampfort Food: My struggle with using Paleo foods to stop Antifa'
“We can only afford $300 for robodebt victims” says PM handing Foxtel $10mill
We simply can't find any more money
Sunrise rushes to book Pete Evans following his neo-nazi post
"His paleo stuff was too far but he has come to his senses now."
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