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‘We must act now’ Scott Morrison furious after hearing climate change could affect sport
Who could have let this continue for so long
NBN user only just learning that Facebook has banned news
It's ok, they still have Kimye and Daft Punk
Facebook user waiting excitedly for next Daft Punk Album
Why is it taking so long
Media Diversity Inquiry asks a bunch of rich old white men whether they have a diversity issue
I think I can see a problem
‘I don’t have an issue with how I treat women’ claims PM who hurt an old lady during photo op
"I have no issue with woman who do what they are told"
Cancel Culture strikes again as snowflakes ruin Ted Cruz’s holiday
Damn liberals and their snowflake agenda want to ban fun in the sun
PM announces investigation will be an ‘arms-length’ away from being independent
How great is focusing on PR instead of victims
Local FB user experiences first enjoyable day in years
It's like all the toxic parts just left overnight, it's amazing now
“Facebook never warned this would happen” says Govt months after being warned this would happen
"This came out of nowhere"
Aussie media knows it’s fucked after Frydenberg says he’ll sort this out
RIP Aussie Media
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