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Barnaby Joyce launches bid to become High Court Judge after learning they do a lot of banging on desks
"That's the job for me!"
Following Tokyo’s lead, Parliament to install cardboard desks to discourage MPs from having sex on them
"We've tried everything else"
Divided nation pulls together in time of need to tell Katie Hopkins to fuck off
"We're all in this together"
Andrew Bolt rushed to hospital after condemning white supremacy
"He's clearly out of his mind!"
Nation puts out the Egg Boy signal after Seven books another nazi on their shows
"Only he can save us!"
Peter Dutton starts to sprout after spending too long in cabinet
The bad potato has spoiled everything
Gerry Harvey busts out the caviar after government restarts JobKeeper
"Looks like I've won the lotto"
Victorian contact tracers race to contain new outbreak of schadenfreude
"It's an epidemic"
Sky News demands Australia reduce anti-Semitism and go back to good old islamaphobia
"Lets get back to the basics"
Pete Evans to collab with Gold Coast hairdresser on new tin foil hat line
It's got great 5G reception
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