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Liberal party press conference forced to relocate after realising they’re within 500 metres of a school
The Chaser publishing corporation has today been forced to shut down after spending thousands of dollars on lawyers’ fees trying
Banned on Facebook, Laurie Oakes forced to drop explosive political update on OnlyFans
And now a steamy update on the deficit
Duke of Edinburgh asked whether he wishes to make any final racist remarks
"Something about Italians perhaps?"
Local man pretty suss
What's this guy's deal
“All views should be heard and debated” says possible horse molester Craig Kelly
"Who are we to say what's true or not?"
Google tells Morrison they know about searches for ‘hillsong milfs’
They are no longer paying for news
Labor immediately scraps plan for ScoMo style name for Anthony Albanese
"On second thoughts maybe not"
Morrison’s approval rate drops to 2% after suggesting Australians use Bing
He has apologised and offered to shake up for it
“Why won’t you listen to medical science” yells man who thinks ADHD is an alien hoax
"How could you ignore the field of science I lobbied to have shut down?"
Furious Trump reduced to sounding off in PornHub comments section
"It's huge!"
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