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House destroyed in Melbourne earthquake opens bidding at $5 million
It has gone up another $1 million since you started reading
Scott Morrison scraps US sub deal in favor of cutting-edge coal powered submarines
They'll greatly benefit from the sea level rises
Tasmania quietly enacts plan to tow state over to New Zealand
The rest of Australia is yet to notice
Coalition to solve climate anxiety by putting a Charlie Chaplin in every school
"Given he was mainly active in the 1930’s his views should line up with our climate policy"
Paralympics introduce new ‘NDIS’ sport where contestants must jump through endless hoops to qualify
Nothing can stop them now, besides the
Boomers rush to snap up all the AstraZenica after learning millenials are now allowed to have it
"Maybe we can negatively gear them!"
Barnaby Joyce launches bid to become High Court Judge after learning they do a lot of banging on desks
"That's the job for me!"
Following Tokyo’s lead, Parliament to install cardboard desks to discourage MPs from having sex on them
"We've tried everything else"
Divided nation pulls together in time of need to tell Katie Hopkins to fuck off
"We're all in this together"
Andrew Bolt rushed to hospital after condemning white supremacy
"He's clearly out of his mind!"
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