Zander Czerwaniw's Posts

Peter Dutton sues The Body Shop for false advertising
"You have failed me for the last time"
Scott Morrison promises to cut inner city lefties in half by 2030
Emissions problem solved
Sky News successfully debunks evolution by turning audience into Neanderthals
Checkmate science
Australia in trouble after learning they can only send vaccinated athletes to Olympics
Volleyball sales have plummeted
Australia exits Afghanistan after liberating country from brutal Australian forces
The children of Afghanistan have today breathed a sigh of relief, as Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the withdrawal of Australian troops from the country
Nation rush to mourn deceased Prince in hopes of scoring day off work
"I can't believe he's gone"
Kevin Rudd calls for new senate inquiry into The Chaser’s news monopoly
"It's time we rid ourselves of this cancer on democracy"
The Chaser’s Valentines Cards
Download a quality card for a quality person!
Home and Away Snubbed Again by 2021 Golden Globes
The Logies are still a fix
Australia day renamed Ruby Princess Day in commemoration of another boat that fucked everything up
"Now everyone will be upset"
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