How to Make Your First Billion Writing Satirical Comedy

At last, a masterclass for people who want to be incredibly rich. 

Comedy writing is a dreary affair of unimaginable pain and suffering. But it’s a good way to get incredibly rich quickly. Sure, writing a novel or a play or a blockbuster movie might be more psychologically satisfying, but only comedy writing can buy you a harbour-side mansion next to the Prime Minister’s residence.

If you’ve tried investment banking or stock trading and are dissatisfied with your seven-figure base salary, perhaps you should quit your career and instead concentrate on the big bucks of writing comedy for a living.

This course gives you all the tips and tricks that you need to quit your day job. Includes a look at the technical side of comedy, as well as tips on what to do with the mountains of cash that you’ll have to wade through each morning.


What to expect

60-75 minute workshop

Three segments:

  1. The rules of comedy
  2. The philosophy of satire
  3. Making billions from writing comedy: the pros and cons

There will be small group discussion during each segment, and a Q&A will happen at the end of each segment.

If we have time at the end, we will have a plenary discussion on the topic: “What are the ethics of using sweat-shop workers to write your comedy?”

Who is it for

Anyone who is poor because they made the wrong career choices

What you’ll need to participate

  • Internet connection
  • A device with audio and video capability
  • Zoom installed on your device (free download)

How do I join the online workshop?

Registered participants will receive a reminder email prior to the workshop with a link to join the meeting.  Simply click on the link provided at the scheduled workshop time.

Workshop Details

When: Tuesday 25 August, 5.30-6:30pm
Where: Online via Zoom
Group size: Limited to the first 25 million people
Cost: $29 General Admission, $22 Concession (plus stupid booking fees)


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