For Disability Day, TV show graciously gives disabled person spot they’d normally give racist
"It's a minority opinion"
Pete Evans rumoured to appear on the next season of Masked Singer
Pauline Hanson was not available
Sunrise rushes to book Pete Evans following his neo-nazi post
"His paleo stuff was too far but he has come to his senses now."
Trump takes election to ‘highest court’ in a special episode of Judge Judy
Judge Judith Sheindlin decides next
Realistic challenge sees SAS Australia contestants lie about a war crime
Tasks include deleting incriminating footage
Armytage takes break from villainizing black people to cheer on white person committing crimes
“I am pretty sure he isn’t in whiteface.”
Vale Rupert Murdoch: 1931-2020
He will not be missed
Australians to be killed and turned into ‘Hamilton’ tickets, admits Treasurer
Tickets to Hamilton are now worth far more than the average Australian
Western Sydney rap crew confirms masks have been mandatory since 2017
"It’s safety first."
Cookie Monster under fire for aligning with #bluelivesmatter movement
He has since walked back the statement

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