General News

“Difference is we own up to our war crimes” says PM still charging the whistleblower
We will own up to the murder of children, right after we jail the guy who called us out
Andrew Bolt blasts people fleeing bushfires “We can’t let fire stop us living our lives”
"Think of the economy"
Minister for Women Tony Abbott spotted in Scotland giving free tampons to himself
"The idea is good but imagine how much better it would be if a man was in charge here."
Mooching foreigner caught bludging off government handouts
It's UnAustralian
Government attempts to boost Covid Safe usage by adding ‘stories’ feature
Also you can now upload pictures of your lunch
Historians admit they missed ‘Harry Styles wears dress’ in the Communist Manifesto
"I don't how we missed it, the thing is only 40 pages"
Ten unveil new show where they drop Pete Evans in the jungle and just leave him there
Everybody loves it
How this pandemic I created helps me sell more laptops, by Bill Gates
People ask me, "why did you do it?"
Former Apprentice host unveiled as the new Biggest Loser
"He's perfect"
Comrade Biden seen driving a tank to Wall Street
"Vive la revolution"

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