General News

Perrottet announces commitment to having the most diverse cabinet of rich straight white men possible
'We represent all Sydney residents besides most of you'
‘Why Aussies are misinformed on Climate Change?’ – Top 10 answers for Sky News’ question
Who could have possibly done this
PM who refuses to make a Federal ICAC says we need a way to hold Twitter users accountable
Someone needs to stop the masses calling the powerful names
ICAC drops investigation into Gladys Berejiklian after finding out the timing doesn’t suit her
"We didn't realise"
Gladys resigns to spend more time with paper shredder
As a lifelong fan of destroying trees, Gladys is excited to spend more time doing what she loves.
Woman who bought dress for $3 from weird Instagram ad surprised to find it’s shit
It was not on a par with Givenchy’s best work
Authorities issue health warning for children in the Sydney region after George Pell returns for a conference
'Please stay at least 1.5m away'
Angus Taylor becomes the least qualified Science Minister since Christian Porter
He has banned anything that's not gas from the elemental table
Piers Morgan celebrates return to News Corp by hacking a dead kid’s phone
If things get really wild they might go for some war widows as well
Christian Porter demands his name be redacted from his coffee cup
What a piece of [redacted

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