PM opposes federal ICAC, stating we need to “learn to live with” corrupt politicians
"Eliminating corruption is now unrealistic"
ICAC drops investigation into Gladys Berejiklian after finding out the timing doesn’t suit her
"We didn't realise"
‘We can’t copy NSW’s ICAC model federally because then we can’t be corrupt’ says PM
How are politicians meant to work without corruption
John Barilaro resigns to spend more time with the fixated person’s unit
According to his lawyers, Barilaro [redacted
Gladys resigns to spend more time with paper shredder
As a lifelong fan of destroying trees, Gladys is excited to spend more time doing what she loves.
Federal government confused why politician would resign over corruption
"She must be ill"
Gladys resigns after learning that if you lie to an ICAC they will launch an investigation into you
'I must step down now that my corruption could have repercussions'
NSW to replace Premier with looped recording of ‘Please Know’
Let me be very clear, I can't stress that enough
Credlin rips off Gladys’ mask to reveal it was Dan Andrews all along
I would have gotten away with it too!
‘We can’t waste money on covid support’ says government that spent $9m on the COVIDSafe app
'We have submarine contracts to pay off'

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