The Chaser Report – Episode 11 – Melbourne: ‘We had the second wave first’
Poor Melbourne
The Chaser Report – Episode 10 – Meet the Prickers
We're number 68th!
The Chaser Report – Episode 9 – May I take your order (of Australia)?
Or perhaps an onion
The Chaser Report – Episode 8 – Thank God the Pubs are Open
We dive into Donald Trump’s bizarre Bible stunt amid the American protests, check out the latest round of nauseating celebrity videos with another Isolebrity, and leave this awful week behind to take a trip into the future – which, it turns out, is entirely made up of crappy Bluetooth devices
The Chaser Report – Episode 7 – The Sixty Billion Dollar Man
It's been a tough week for Josh Frydenberg
The Chaser Report – Episode 6 – Back to School
With children in most states heading back to school, it’s time for gentle reflection about how, over the past few months, we’ve grown to despise our kids. Dr Dom Knight looks at hydroxychloroquine, while Andrew Hansen reviews the tunes about the pandemic that are targeted at toddlers. Plus we check in with Zoe Norton-Lodge about what it’s like to have a baby while in lockdown. All that plus the latest news you can’t trust from Rebecca De Unamuno in The Chaser newsroom
The Chaser Report – Episode 5 – Party Time! (With 10 or Fewer People)
Who should you invite to your first dinner party as the lockdown restrictions ease? Dom takes a probing look at the man behind the anti-lockdown protests in Melbourne. Plus, Charles examines the delicate art of winning an argument with your partner while in lockdown. All that, plus the latest Chaser headlines from Rebecca De Unanumo in the Chaser International Global World newsroom
The Chaser Report – Episode 4 – The Joy of Nose Sex
Dom gets tested for Covid, which sounds delightful if you're into shoving sticks up your nose. Andrew looks at how to explain to your kids the coronavirus without leaving them with lifelong PTSD. And we look at the conspiracy theories about Covid that are too weird even for YouTube. Plus, Australia’s favourite satirist Mark Humphries chats to the team about his decision to move house without the help of removalists. All that, plus the latest news you can’t trust from Bec De Unamuno in the Chaser World International Global news room
The Chaser Report – Episode 3 – COVIDSafe or COVIDSorry?
With the COVIDSafe App now out, Scott Morrison implores all Australians to download The Chaser Report podcast. Charles takes a look at another COVID App that promises to diagnose you without any pesky interaction with medical professionals. Andrew takes a look at yet more sincere celebrity isolation videos, while Dom reviews Pete Evans’ Biocharger. Plus the latest Chaser headlines from Bec De Unamuno delivering all the news you can’t trust
The Chaser Report – Episode 2 – Home Schoolies Week
Charles, Dom and Andrew lament the collapse of Virgin Australia, while Dom tries to figure out what the world is going to do with all its spare oil. Andrew takes a look at how one American preacher is dealing with the virus, also, with kids heading back for another term of homeschooling, we give you our top tips in how to make homeschool as unbearable as real school. Plus regular updates from Bec De Unamuno in the Chaser Newsroom delivering all the news you know you can’t trust

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