Chaser Video: The Noam Chomsky Talk Show
From The Chaser’s War on Everything, Season 3 Episode
Chaser Video: Chris and the Sunrise love dedication
From the Chaser’s War on Everything, Season
Chaser Video: How many of Labor’s 100 Positive Policies can Bill Shorten remember?
Answer: not that many
Chaser Video: the Golden Rule for getting into a nightclub
Just how far can you push your outfit when getting into a nightclub with two beautiful girls on your arm
Chaser Video: Novel daycare options
From the Chaser's War on Everything, Season 1.
Chaser Video: Rooms for rent at Buckingham Palace
From The Chaser's War On Everything, series
Chaser Video: Clive The Slightly Too Loud Commuter
In: Clive calls his doctor about his bendy penis
Ad Road Test: Wendy’s Icecream
Can I get a scoop of 'recently acquitted of urinating in a public place?' How about a 'I bear a bitter grudge against the human race?'
Scenes from the life of the Crazy Warehouse Guy
From The Chaser's War on Everything, Series 2.
Women in the media
Women : how does the media cover them? Warning: this segment of The Hamster Wheel contains Paul Henry, Karl Stefanovic and Howard Sattler

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