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The Chaser Report – Ep 28 – Melbourne Tastes Freedom!
(and a very specific butter chicken)
The Chaser Report – Ep 27 – Is Trump Okay?
Probably not
Fly excited about finding its biggest piece of shit yet
The fly says its overwhelmed by the size of this piece of shit
Living through historic, once-in-a-century global pandemic actually quite boring
Despite it's importance, it's incredibly boring to live through
The Chaser Report – Ep 26 – Buy This Awful Towel!
We were going to talk about the budget but we realised it was too boring
Contact tracers for Rose Garden ‘super-spreader’ event racing to find out who to thank
They're going door to door
Australia urges Cardinal Pell to be by president’s side
Like, really, really close
‘I heard you lost your sense of taste and smell’ wheezes a winking Trump to Melania
Hot stuff
It’s fine to laugh about this one, Pope confirms
“If you don’t laugh about it now you’ll only be annoyed with yourself later."
The Chaser Report – Ep 25 – Three Men Talking Over Each Other
With special guest host Craig Reucassel
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