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Perrottet scores new role as teenager on Heartbreak High
His character doesn't like condoms
Woman who bought dress for $3 from weird Instagram ad surprised to find it’s shit
It was not on a par with Givenchy’s best work
Musk and Grimes agree to share custody of ‘most annoying’ title
Musk will have it alternate weekdays and every second weekend
Scott Morrison’s empathy consultant to be replaced with ‘basic human decency’ consultant
"We are sorry we didn’t identify the real problem sooner.”
News Corp admits climate change is real after hell freezes over
'I always said that hell would have to freeze over before I acted on climate change.'
‘This is brilliant’: CEO of Ivermectin delighted idiots keep eating his medicine
'I've just bought another Porsche'
‘Stop judging me by my actions,’ pleads Ben Roberts-Smith
His reputation has been kicked off a cliff
Immigrant Katie Hopkins steals job from Australian racist
We have more than enough home grown racists!
Petition to get Scott Morrison to actually do his fucking job
Just this once
Dan Andrews outwits Sky News by literally growing a backbone
"Suck it Alan"
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