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Gladys claims the reason she targeted poor people during lockdown was because she was ‘unlucky in love’
She didn't know what she was doing
Dodgy fuckers admit they didn’t want Federal ICAC after all
Who could have seen this coming?
PM whose best friend is a key Qanon figure shocks media by not completely condemning Qanon
After a week of not mentioning Qanon at all
“Since when is calling for the execution of a leader terrorism?” asks Victorian Police
'It's just a bit of violence to force political change through fear'
“There is no need to condemn protesters demanding Andrews be murdered, they aren’t putting pins in strawberries” says PM
'We are not at extremist levels yet'
PM who ‘had nothing to hide’ about Brittany Higgins breaks FOI laws trying to hide stuff about Brittany Higgins
'We had to ask Jenny if we should follow the law first'
Christian Porter to resign as MP to pursue career as genius lawyer and highly-respected strategist
MPs accusing the ABC of being propaganda, demand the government be put in charge of ABC’s content
'We must stop propaganda by making propaganda'
PM ends the workplace respect training in parliament after the problem is 100% solved
Good Job Team!
Fact-checker takes stress leave after Morrison claims he has never told a lie before
'Fuck him, just fuck off, ahhhhhh'
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