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Peter Dutton seen in northern NSW frantically trying to stop the boats
The boats have now been towed back to Nauru
Peter Dutton visibly orgasms after hearing all boats have been stopped
"Unfghhhhhh" said Dutton
Bolt launches defamation lawsuit against himself for making him look like an idiot
"He's ruined my public reputation"
“How good is not shooting women,” says Scott Morrison
Democracy achieved!
Peter Dutton to take stress leave after learning that he is now gender neutral
"Goddammit Hasbro"
Government announces half price flights will include Hawaii
For no particular reason
Queen posts cryptic Facebook message about ‘fake ppl’
Via an official image of a beach with italic text over it
Morrison sitting alone
Rape crisis solved: Liberal Party to remove all women from Parliament
The front bench remains unchanged
Liberal party press conference forced to relocate after realising they’re within 500 metres of a school
The Chaser publishing corporation has today been forced to shut down after spending thousands of dollars on lawyers’ fees trying
Banned on Facebook, Laurie Oakes forced to drop explosive political update on OnlyFans
And now a steamy update on the deficit
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